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As our customers’ problems have become more complicated, entangled, volatile, uncertain and ambiguous, there is no easy way to address these issues with traditional IT solutions. Such trend has triggered a profound rethinking of the use of technologies in a much wider spectrum, as well as the drive to adopt more innovative and creative development methodologies.

Open Collaboration is one of our key initiatives where we align with different domain experts for providing turnkey solutions to our clients. For example, to embark on digital transformation, we have sought advice from construction industry experts on the adoption of building plan in electronic format following Building Information Modeling (BIM) standard. We are also working with some BIM consultancy company to explore the opportunities for integrating Information Technology with BIM for facility management, i.e. treat building plan in BIM format as a digital asset to provide continuous values for its on-going facility management.

To cope with the new development of electronic health record, we have explored the use of Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine (DICOM) by incorporating patients’ medical image into their health records.  In commercial sector, we have also applied Digital Marketing concept to help boost our clients’ sales revenue and customer loyalty by leveraging digital channels including websites, email, social media, Google search and so on.

To accelerate our service delivery, we also seek to improve our application development process by adopting DevOps using Agile development approach, continuous integration, delivery and deployment through automation in certain suitable projects. We also explore emerging technologies such as machine learning, information visualization, as well as next-generation programming languages (e.g. Python and R) to extend our services coverage.

Our Services


We provide our feasibility study for our client to determine the feasibility of a project from technical, operational and legally perspective with economic justification. This ensures our client’s investment in the project is worthwhile.


We help our clients in assessing their business processes to improve the values of their products and/or services to their customers employing information technology. The objective is to restructure the process facilitated by information technology to improve the quality, the speed, cost and service of these processes rather than just automating the current process.


We provide full range of custom made software development to meet our client’s particular need and unique success factors in their operation. Starting from business requirement analysis, system design proposal including application and infrastructure, and system implementation.​


We provide application maintenance and support services to our clients. These systems are not necessarily developed by us. We assist our clients in managing the daily support services that they can focus their resources on their business operation.


We provide infrastructure design and implementation services of our custom made applications. These include system configuration design with respect to functionality, performance, security, system availability and resilience.

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