We provide full range of custom made software development to meet our client’s particular need and unique success factors in their operation. starting from business requirement analysis, system design proposal including application and infrastructure, and system implementation. With good project management knowledge (e.g. PRINCE2, Agile), we work closely with IT staff at client side and end-users during different project stages, and fully support them by providing sufficient system documentations, training and system warranty. When necessary, we help to enhance application to cater their future business needs. We also place importance on system performance and security by conducting load test, stress test as well as security risk assessment & audit to ensure the reliability of the system.

We employ different system development methodologies to deliver our solution to clients in a cost effective manner, from traditional Structure System Analysis and Development Methodology, Rapid Application Development to Agile development methodology.


This project is to design, develop and implement a 7×24 System that streamlines the confirmation of booking receipts on the travel booking between travel agents and travellers according to the local regulatory requirements. It provides an API to support the booking from the travel agents’ booking systems. It also provides an on-line function for travel agents without their own booking systems to make such confirmation request to produce a levy stamp on travellers’ receipts. There are other administrative functions to support the travel agents and the regulatory bodies on their daily activities on maintaining deposit balance as well as refund process. Travellers can also verify the validity of the levy stamp placed on the receipt by scanning its QR code.

▸ Online travel booking is popular. However, the traditional way of manual and physical stamping on traveller’s receipt becomes a bottleneck in online booking process.
▸ It is time consuming to maintain the proper financial reserve (deposit) on a physical machine, especially if there are multiple branches of a travel agent.
▸ Paper-based Levy refund processes are time-consuming and error-prone.

Proposed Solution
It is proposed to implement an Internet-based application that facilitates the levy stamping on receipts issued by travel agents in a digital format. An API is implemented in the system that interfaces with travel agents’ booking systems to place a digital stamp on traveller’s receipt. It streamlines travel agents’ booking process and also improves the service quality to their customers. Travellers can also scan the levy stamp in QR code to verify the validity of the receipt. For travel agents without their own booking systems, a free online function is provided for them to generate a levy stamp which is to be attached on the paper receipt. The system also provides various administrative functions to support the daily operations of travel agents and local regulatory bodies such as deposit and refund process.

The Mobile App provides a robust, convenient and user-friendly interface for the public to access the library services through mobile channels with smartphones and tablet PCs. It extends the current library services available on government website to mobile devices including item search on online catalogue, reservation of library materials, loan items renewal, patron account record enquiry, notification for overdue items, as well as provision of information like branch location, opening hours and the latest news etc. It is a large-scale mobile app project of which the user size / no. of downloads is over 100,000, and is the second most popular mobile apps provided by the government.

▸ As a leading cosmopolitan city, there is a pressing need for Hong Kong to drive the adoption of mobile-business in the wider community through the provision of public services via mobile apps.
▸ The existing web channels cannot meet the surging demands and expectations from the public to access public services on mobile devices.

Proposed Solution
It is proposed to implement the Mobile Apps for the public library service on the most prevailing iOS and Android platforms.The app is tightly integrated with its core back end system, such that it not only covers all of the core features of the online library services such as searching, reserving and renewing library materials, but also provides other features like personalized notifications, locating nearby libraries via GPS, as well as e-payment for overdue items etc. Users can literally access library services anytime, anywhere.

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