We provide application maintenance and support services to our clients. These systems are not necessarily developed by us. We assist our clients in managing the daily support services that they can focus their resources on their business operation. These services include System enhancement, Help Desk, Technical Support, IT Security Services, periodic health check, Problem Management, Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery, Configuration Management, Human Resources Management, Service Management and Project Management, Procurement. The services is not limited to a single system, but most of the applications in our clients’ office. That is we provide programme management of the support services of our clients applications to meet the stated service level agreement in various aspects.



This project is to provide system maintenance and support services for over 20 in-house applications (both Windows and web-based) for the department. Our scope of work includes help-desk services, problem management services, service management, application maintenance and support services, system administration services, technical support services, IT security services, project management services, portal support services, system configuration and inventory control, disaster recovery with human resource management to support the whole service programme.

In this project, we need to provide coordinated service management of a portfolio of IT-related projects. Apart from providing routine in-house application support, we also have to provide ad-hoc enhancement to the existing applications and/or new development services (ranging from small to large-scale) to cope with changing business requirements and future development of the department.

  1. High demand for effective utilization of team resources to deliver support services according to the service level requirements.
  2. Effective manpower planning and allocation mechanism to deal with unplanned and unanticipated increase in workload to cope with ad hoc system enhancement requests.
  3. Ability to update and upgrade the skills and application domain knowledge of team members on a continual basis.
Proposed Solution

A full-time resident support team with flexible team size is deployed to the government site to render the routine system support and help-desk support services. We project our human resource requirements upfront and conduct planning on staff allocation, training and recruitment to meet the demand for any major development and/or enhancement requests. We also need to conduct both short-term and long-term training to our staff and adopt motivation measures to encourage continuous learning.


This project is to provide application maintenance, enhancement and operational support for over 15 business applications for the company. Our services cover capacity planning, impact analysis, system migration and enterprise application integration (EAI), custom application development, ongoing application maintenance & enhancements, user support of third party applications, ad-hoc reporting and data analysis services and so on.

One of the applications is a business-critical sales management system that requires support service for its daily sales and merchandising operation for Hong Kong and Macau market. The system consists of a back-office system, a pocket PC version (over 30 pocket PCs) and a notebook version (over 40 notebook computers) for planning daily sales and merchandising and capturing its result.

This project also involves new system development. During the project period, we have implemented a consumer database system for many of its branch offices in Asia Pacific region including Indonesia, Philippine and Mainland China including Beijing, Shenzhen, Guangzhou and Shanghai etc. We have also tailored the system to the specific needs of the European market too.

  1. Demand for dynamic support team that varies in size and skills
  2. Flexibility and versatility in managing both application support and development resources across different technical platform.
  3. The need to gain a deep understanding of the company’s business strategy and operation is required.
Proposed Solution

We need to manage this project as an IT service programme. A Service Manager is deployed to lead a team of developers and support staff to provide the relevant services. We are required to plan and monitor all phases of inter-related projects, as well as manage their progress, coordination and technical interface among different systems.